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In Trial Courts and In Administrative Tribunals


     - Issue spotting and preservation

     - Prepare or respond to dispositive motions

     - Jury instructions

     - Trial monitoring as “embedded” appellate counsel

     - Prepare or respond to post-trial motions

     - Identify opportunities for early appellate review

     - Consult on whether to appeal

In Intermediate Appellate Courts (e.g., New Mexico Court of Appeals)

     - Prepare docketing statement

     - Prepare memorandum response to proposed summary disposition

     - Prepare or respond to merits briefs

     - Present oral argument

In Courts of Last Resort (e.g., New Mexico Supreme Court)

     - Prepare or respond to petition for discretionary review (writ of certiorari)

     - Prepare merits briefs

     - Present oral argument

Effective appellate advocacy begins with strong research and analysis.  It advances with writing that is decisive, organized and clear.  It sometimes includes the opportunity for direct interaction with the Court in an oral argument.  A skilled appellate lawyer can capitalize on that opportunity with thorough preparation and with thoughtful responses to the Court's questions.  

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